Mandre is situated in a sheltered Cove on the northwest side of the island of Pag with a beautiful view of Silba, Olib, Maun and Škrda which abound in coves and beautiful beaches. It is precisely this Cove is during the past time been shelter many ships along the Adriatic coast and greatly influenced the it to the then-residents dealt with for the most part fishing. So today in Porto (lučica) in Mandre, you can see fishing ships (fishing boats), "pasare" - fishing boats and other small fishing boats.

Apart from the tradition of fishing, people from Mandre are always dealt with the sheep breeding. Many offer walled stone walls that are located all over the island of Pag is growing Sage, smilj, mlič, oasis and other grass, that when the spices Velebit Burr, provide its unique sheep pasture from which milk is produced world famous Pag cheese. Pag cheese is something that the visitor of the island of Pag, along with numerous other gastronomic delicacies, definitely a must try. In all of these culinary specialties can be enjoyed in local restaurants – wine cellars.

Tourism get started to develop significantly in Mandre 70-ies of the last century when they were private houses have begun to provide services of private accommodation – rooms and Bed & breakfasts, and later apartments.

Today, the tourist town that right Mandre combines the traditional way of life and very high quality accommodation and as such became one of the favorite tourist destination family tourism, both domestic and foreign guests. 2003 the year in the "Zadarski list" and Tourist Board of Zadar County Mandre is proves to be the most beautiful place in the County of Zadar.